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Internet Services (ISP)

CCCOE acts as an Internet Service Provider (ISP), providing districts access to the Internet for a low annual fee based on a districts' bandwidth connection. For more information, please contact Bill Buhlman at the phone number above.


Contra Costa County's E-Rate SPIN (Service Provider Identification Number) is:


CCCOE provides only one category of eligible services, and that is Internet access. The purpose of the SPIN is to expedite future payments to vendors providing discounted services to schools, libraries, and rural health care program under the Universal Service Fund. Schools and libraries preparing to file Form 471 are encouraged to use these SPINs for all vendors they list in Block 5, Items 16 and 17.

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Connecting Your School to the Internet through CCCOE

The Contra Costa County Office of Education offers direct Internet access for any public school district office in Contra Costa County. This is the only e-ratable category of eligible services provided by CCCOE.

For Current Internet Rates, please refer to page 9 of the current contract in PDF format below:

CCCOE-NET Documents Available for Download


  • Schools will need to pay for their own data line(s) to the County Office and acquire their own router and LAN equipment.
  • Installation and configuring of the District router to the County Office is the responsibility of the School and/or District. The one-time cost for connection includes configuring the county router, entering the DNS tables for your network and coordination with your telecommunications carrier to Contra Costa County.
  • CCCOE has provided a set of Internet addresses for schools connecting to it – up to 180 addresses for an elementary school, 300 addresses for a middle or intermediate school, and 480 addresses for a high school.
  • Check with AT&T Representatives about DAS and state contract discounts for point to point and fast packet discounts.
  • Internet Services are discountable under E-Rate. Updates on E-Rate can be found at

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CCCOE Internet service FAQs:

What overall costs will be incurred by the school or district office?

In addition to the annual connection charge to CCCOE (which will partly defray the CCCOE's cost of staffing and telecommunications charges), the site will need the following equipment and services:

  • A Cisco router capable of handling the speed you choose to connect to CCCOE.NET
  • California State Contract agreement with AT&T
    (see )
  • Ethernet Local Area Network (cost varies depending on size of Local Area Network)

Will I need a local area network at my school to take advantage of a router and Internet connection?

Yes. The router directs Internet packets over an existing LAN. The LAN can use "10-base-T" Ethernet or 10/100/1000 switched Ethernet The same LAN can share Novell, Windows 2000, AppleTalk and Internet traffic. At CCCOE however we only route IP packets.

Will the CCCOE support dial-up access?

No. Installing the necessary phone lines and modems and having to monitor them around the clock would be a heavy logistical burden that would drive up the cost of providing dedicated Internet access to schools. However, teachers and administrators at sites which become "directly connected" to CCCOE as described above can use any "dialup" Internet service provider to access their e-mail on CCCOE's mail server.

Will other transports besides PPP be deployed by the CCCOE, districts and schools?

Yes. CCCOE is now connected to the K12 HSN (High Speed Network) with an OC3 155Mbs connection and has DS3 ATM and point-to-point DS3 connections, and is capable of handling multiple T-1's to provide high speed Internet Access to our customers. CCCOE will continue to work with school districts in Contra Costa to explore and deploy economical networking technology. At this time we are also offering AT&T OPT-E-MAN, a layer 2 Ethernet technology as a transport for your connection, up to 100Mbs. Frame-Relay is no longer offered as a transport however.

Where can I find out more about the CCCOE's point to point Internet access service?

Call Bill Buhlman at CCCOE's Technology Systems, 942-5362. Or send e-mail to

Network Engineer 925.942.5362

Take a look at the Technology Systems page for more information on the
County Office's technology services.

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