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Chief Technology Officer

Technology Administration FAX

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Technology Services

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Technology Systems

CCCOE Technology Plan (pdf)

Technology encompasses every aspect of the county's educational system. Whether it's through training, grants, repair or planning, the County Office of Education supports the county's teachers, staff, schools and districts in many ways, including:

  • Tyler/Munis Financial and Human Resources Modules
  • Infrastructure Assistance
    • ISP Services
  • Planning and Communication
    • Help with district technology plans
    • Forums: Technical Advisory Council (TAC), Educational Technical Advisory Council (ETAC)
    • Database solutions
    • Video conferencing

Technology Services for Districts (chart)
Technology Contacts


CCCOE presents Curriculum resource Web sites including:

Bats: A Thematic Resource
The Race to Build the Atomic Bomb
CTAG Disseminator Sites
Teacher Double Features

CCCOE presents Teacher Support Web sites including:

Online Teacher Resource Guide
East Bay CUE (Computer Using Educators)

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Infrastructure Assistance

CCCOE provides a wide array of technology infrastructure services, including:

A Wide Area Network (WAN) with access to the Internet and Internet 2 through the K12 HSN (High Speed Network). Every district in the County for a low annual connection charge based on the district's bandwidth is connected.

More info about CCCOE-Net ISP Services

Planning and Communication

Technology Systems provides planning and communication support, including:

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Technology Services for Districts

See Staff Code Below Basic Services Fee Basis Unable to Perform or Need to Contract Outside
  Districts ** Districts Districts
T1, T2, E2, T8, T9 Initial visit and consultation on request for Technology Planning, Network Design, and Grant Assistance Assistance with small local area network installation and configuration Larger network installations and configurations
E2 Grant writing workshops and some other hosted workshops at the CCCOE Site visits for arranged full and half day workshops and training  
E1, E3, E4, E2 Develop and foster Portal Web site content designed to assist schools Portal Subscription services  
T8 IP addresses for use with CCCOE-Net ISP service connection Network installation, configuration, maintenance, and purchase of  routers and telecommunication connections
C1 If we are housing a Web site for  your district, we will train one technical contact on how to post and maintain Web pages to our Web site. The Internet Communications Specialist offers larger scale Web site development and setup for districts. Please call Robin Wood at 942-3330 or send an email. Web page creation and maintenance training (hourly)  
T1, E2 Host and lead Technical and Educational Technology Advisory Councils   Site or district technology coordination and committee leadership
E2 Site presentations (on request) on the benefits and vision of technology in education Professional development classes held in our Mac lab designed for teachers and administrators  
T1 Dissemination of  technology information from Federal, State, business and other sources through Web pages, listserves, group email, countywide & office meetings and mailings    
T1, T2, E2 Technology Presentations to Principals    
T1, T2, E2 On Site Educational Video Conferencing in the Classroom Demo    
T11   Inexpensive repair of HP Laserjet printers and A/V equip. Computer Repair

** not including Direct Service districts.

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Administration | Educational Technology Support | Educational Technology | Web Development | CTAP | Technical Support : ROP | Special Ed | Educational Opportunities

Technology Systems: Administration
Title Name/Email Link Phone
Chief Technology Officer 925.942.5385
Technology Administrator Coordinator 925.942.3461
Technology Administrator Coordinator 925.942.3412
FAX (for names above)   925.256.4062

Technology Systems: Educational Technology Support
Title Name/Email Link Phone
Educational Technology Coordinator 925.942.3390
Program Administrative Specialist 925.942.3451
FAX (for names above)   925.938.6315

Educational Services Dept: Educational Technology
Title Name/Email Link Phone
Manager, Technology/Curriculum Integration 925.942.5332
Instructional Technology Specialist 925.942.3435
Web Projects Specialist 925.942.3443

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Technology Systems/Communications Depts: Web Development
Title Name/Email Link Phone
Web/Data Systems Engineer 925.942.3414
Electronic Communications Specialist 925.942.3427
Electronic Communications Specialist 925.942.3330

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Technology Systems: Technical Support
For Stewart Building Technical Support, please enter a Help Call at:
Title Name/Email Link Phone
WAN Network Engineer 925.942.5362
LAN Network Engineer 925.942.3462
Network Project Manager 925.942.3327
Computer Desktop Technician 925.942.3338
Computer Desktop Technician 925.942.3324
FAX (for names above)   925.256.4062

For ROP Technical Support, please enter a Help Call at:
Title Name/Email Link Phone
Computer Technician (North Central and West Region) 510.758.4792
Computer Technician (South Central and East Region) 925.942.5365

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Special Education:
Title Name/Email Link Phone
Computer Tech (Central County Regional Program & Counseling&Education Program) 925.837.6007
ext. 119
Computer Tech (Far East and East County Regional Program) 925.634.7414

Court & Community Schools :
For Court and Community Schools Technical Support, please enter a Help Call at:
Title Name/Email Link Phone
Network Manager (County Community Schools) 925.899.0132
Computer Technican (County Community Schools and Jail Education) 925.942.5366

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