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TALC logoTALC Tier II Administrative Leadership Program

TALC is the Tri-County Administrative Leadership Consortium. Contra Costa, Monterey, and Santa Clara County Offices of Education have formed a consortium to continue to provide the Professional Clear Administrative Services Credentialing opportunities for new administrators who need to obtain their Tier II credential.

What is the Administrative Leadership Program/Tier II?

The new Tier II program focuses on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs) and the updated curriculum centers around the Coaching/Mentoring Model. A one-on-one coach/mentor is assigned to every Tier II candidate. The program consists of a two-year coaching/mentoring model which occurs at the candidate's work site in cooperation with the site and district administrators. In addition to coaching at the candidate's job site, there are 40 hours of professional growth seminars presented during the two-year program. Candidates complete an e-portfolio that outlines their experiences and growth throughout the program. At the end of the two-years, those candidates who have successfully completed all program requirements will be nominated for the Tier II Professional Clear Administrative Services Credential through the Contra Costa County Office of Education (CCCOE).

Tier II Coaching/Mentoring Includes

One-on-one coaching at the Tier II candidate's work site for 2-4 hours each month from August through June for each year of the program; more as needed and worked out with your personal coach. Phone calls and emails as needed. Forty hours of professional growth seminars embedded throughout the two-year program. Each year the candidate will attend seminars with his/her coach. Workshop topics include: Leadership in a Standards-Based System; Culture and Climate; Program Improvement; Fiscal Management and Budgeting; Personnel Evaluation and Management; Schools and the Law; Management of the School; Community Involvement and Politics; and being a 21st Century Leader. The Tier II Credentialing program focuses on the California Professional Standards for Educational Leaders (CPSELs).

Who Should Participate?

Any new administrative position hire in California is required within his/her first 90 days to enroll in a Tier II credentialing program. Any site or district administrators interested in instructional leadership that includes a one-on-one coach may also register for the program. Coaching is available at all levels. Any administrator who needs to clear his/her preliminary administrative services credential may register as well.


The cost of the two-year program is $7000, payable over the course of two years ($3500/year). Check with your district regarding reimbursement options. Title II funds can be used to help offset the cost of this credentialing program.



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